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What is CIGA?

Our project aims to educate teachers, students and their families. Dissemination activities will be organised by published documents, website and national and local media. Mersin and five districts will be a pilot application sample for all over Turkey concerning a movement for fighting against child abuse.

Activities are Follows:

1. "Child Neglect, Exploitation and Conservation" Seminars:

Providing seminars to teachers and school administrators in 5 districts of Mersin. Through these meetings, teachers will have information about the ways of protection from child neglect and abuse. Also, guide teachers and school counsels from inside each districts will be invited to this seminar.

2. Training children and their families about children's rights:

In 5 schools with dramas 50 students for every district and their families will be trained concerning children rights. A drama group will be responsible for this activity.

3.“Protection and Advocating Methods of Children Rights” Workshop:

Organizing a workshop where all stakeholders from education entities will take part in central Mersin. 100 people will participate to this workshop.

4.Dissemination Activities:

a.Project Website will be founded for announcing our objectives, project activities, photos, informative “ÇİGA for Children Rights” documents and interviews. b. “ÇİGA for Children Rights”:We will prepare with colourful illustrations and distribute “ÇİGA for Children Rights” documents for teachers, students and their families cooperating with Mersin University. c.Interviews and reports for national and local media:Our President Saadet ÖZKAN will give interviews for the project d.Project Opening Meeting.


We can share your complaints about child abuse. You can ask for help with Child Abuse.


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